Cornerstone Appeal 2016

It takes a village – Cornerstone Annual Appeal

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When you think about your village, who do you think of? 


Your neighbors. Your family. Your friends. 


They are all individuals you can count on to get things done, now and in the future.


At Saginaw Community Foundation, when we think of our village, it includes everyone in Saginaw County and the Great Lakes Bay Region. Your help is needed today to take care of our village. 


For good. For ever.


Today's Village







There are many passions in our village. Education of our youth, public safety, and the health and wellbeing of residents – to name a few. At Saginaw Community Foundation, we are uniquely positioned to connect donors to the causes they are most passionate about.


For 33 years, we have supported hundreds of organizations and those organizations have helped support thousands of individuals across Saginaw County. How can one organization do so much? 


We bring together the financial resources of individuals, families and local businesses to support nonprofits in our community. We act as a convener by bringing groups and individuals together to reach common goals. We’re a place where diverse interests and different voices come together to make real change happen.


It’s up to folks like you to make a difference in our village. By supporting your community foundation, you have a stake in the future of our community – neighbor helping neighbor – to make our village a better place.


Your support put to work







A gift made to The Lucy R. Allen Cornerstone Fund becomes part of our permanent administrative endowment, which means it will benefit Saginaw Community Foundation forever. We pool gifts together and invest them to maximize resources available for the Foundation to address a wide variety of community opportunities.


With your support, you make it possible for your community foundation to: 

• Convene groups and individuals together to combine resources, talents and shared visions to reach common goals

• Provide grants to help fund projects and initiatives right here in Saginaw County –  totaling nearly 2,400 since 1984 with an impact of over $30 million

• Award hundreds of scholarships yearly for those seeking secondary education

• Guide young philanthropists via FORCE, our youth advisory council

• Operate our Youth First After School Program – a resource for children and parents


How you can help your village









It’s time to come together to support your village. Local folks helping create opportunities right here in Saginaw County. Regardless of size, all gifts are a statement of support and a belief in our mission to fulfill donor wishes and enable community initiatives to come to life, now and forever. 


Donate now securely online or download a contribution form (PDF) and return via mail by Thursday, December 28. 


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