July 24, 2012

Handley School Foundation Alumni Scholarship


The Program for the Creative and Academically Talented (PCAT) was established at Handley School in 1981 to address the special learning needs of bright children. It is a place where academically talented students find studies, support and guidance to nurture their potential. The program is based on the belief that all children deserve more than simply the opportunity to learn.  Each child should have an atmosphere in which thinking, exploration and creativity are encouraged and celebrated.



The Handley School Foundation was established in 2000 to make dollars available annually, for special programs and materials not possible through the annual Handley PCAT budget. The Handley Foundation exists “to fund programs and processes that promote and develop critical thinking, compassion and contributing global citizens among children and the broader community.” The Handley School Foundation Alumni Scholarship is designed to support past Handley students in their pursuit of higher education in hopes that all graduates of Handley School will continue to have the opportunity to learn. 



● Minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA  ● Must have attended Handley School minimum of five years ● Graduating high school senior ● Shown concern for others through his/her involvement in community volunteer service ● Enrolled full-time to pursue an undergraduate degree ● Recipient(s) are expected to return to Handley and share some aspect of their high school career and/or their experience at Handley School with either a grade level or individual classroom. The recipient(s) will be contacted by a representative of the Handley Foundation to coordinate the visit.

Evaluation Criteria

Scholastic record (35); Overall involvement in community volunteer activities (25); career goals as defined in essay (20); Leadership/extracurricular activities (20).


Special Attachment Required

Please refer to the online scholarship application for more information.