YMCA of Saginaw








What is the program?


As a multifaceted organization with a long history of serving our community members, young and old, the YMCA is uniquely positioned to improve health and wellness throughout the lifespan. Anchored in our 147-year commitment of serving Saginaw, the YMCA has the relationships and presence to not just promise, but deliver lasting personal and social change. The YMCA of Saginaw is prepared to improve health outcomes to the specific target group of seniors and youth with chronic obesity and other health risks. This initiative will build upon our work already underway with support from the MHEF and through our collective impact with the Alliance of Michigan Y’s. Leadership from the YMCA of the USA and national partners positions Y’s across the country as connectors between the clinic and the community; bridging the gap through the delivery of evidence-based chronic disease programs.


YOUTH COMPONENT: The YMCA of Saginaw would like to increase capacity of the Y’s Healthy Out of School Time (HOST) Initiative. The Y is committed to being the healthiest provider of out-of-school time programs for children. We reach children after school, on weekends and during spring break. With additional financial support, the YMCA of Saginaw will enhance its community-based program sites immediately and increase the reach of evidence-based programs targeted at improving the health of Saginaw’s children. The Saginaw YMCA will utilize the CATCH program model (Coordinated Approach to Children’s Health) featuring nutrition education and physical activity. Key components of this strategy are the following: school and community-based partnerships; implementation of and fidelity to the evidence-based CATCH program, customizable to meet the unique needs of each partner or host site; and implementation of HEPA (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) standards at each site.


SENIOR COMPONENT: The Saginaw YMCA would like to expand capacity to deliver evidence-based disease prevention programs to more seniors across Saginaw County. By leveraging current community partners and networks, programs of the Saginaw YMCA will become mobile through the Y’s Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it (MEND) Initiative. Through this initiative, the Saginaw YMCA will be able to provide the following key components to more adults and seniors outside the walls of the Saginaw YMCA:


1. The Saginaw Y will place appropriate staff to deliver EnhanceFitness, a moderate level physical activity program for older adults comprised of three 60-minute classes per week. EnhanceFitness is shown to increase participants’ strength, balance, flexibility, mood, general activity level, and independence when they participate regularly.


2. The Y will continue our Diabetes Health Challenge (DHC) program, developed in concert with our partners at Covenant Health. Our DHC program outcome data demonstrates results in lifestyle change, modest weight loss, increased physical activity, and reduced A1C levels.


3. The Y will implement a Moving for Better Balance program, a falls prevention program that uses principles of Tai Chi to help older adults improve balance and increase confidence in doing everyday activities.


4. YMCA collaborators and partners will incorporate appropriate nutrition and education components in the core physical programs outlined.


5. Programs are customizable to the unique needs of community partners and sites.


How will grant dollars be used?


YOUTH COMPONENT: Funding will be used to expand the Saginaw YMCA’s reach to two new partner sites and serving 60 or more additional youth consistently from the program implementation through the end of the 2016-17 school-year utilizing the CATCH program model (Coordinated Approach to Children’s Health).


SENIOR COMPONENT: Funding would be used expand the Saginaw YMCA’s reach to five new partner sites and serve 100 or more seniors consistently for 12-months upon program inception and in each year that subsequent funding is available.


Who do they collaborate with?


YOUTH COMPONENT: The YMCA of Saginaw currently offers the CATCH after-school program at three locations in Saginaw County: on-site at the YMCA Teen Center and at two different charter schools. The YMCA of Saginaw is also a partner in the Healthy Kids Healthy Futures Partnership AmeriCorps Program through the United Way of Saginaw County. The YMCA of Saginaw is currently in talks with offering the CATCH after school program in two Saginaw Public School District’s elementary schools.


SENIOR COMPONENT: YMCA of Saginaw will expand their collaborative programs with partners including Covenant HealthCare, St. Mary’s of Michigan, Michigan State University Extension, and Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority. They will also extend their services to agency partners and to the faith-based community.


The Saginaw YMCA works closely with the Pulse3 Foundation in the planning of the Run for your Heart races and offers to the community an eight-week training for those who want to participate. Also, the YMCA of Saginaw is an active member of the Obesity Action Group, a subcommittee of the Saginaw Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The focus of the group is to reduce obesity and to improve the lives of those residents in Saginaw County. These quarterly meetings allow for sharing, collaborating and networking with other agencies on the subject of healthy lifestyles. The agencies represented promote one another’s programs, support community initiatives and work on joint programming to meet the needs of the people in Saginaw County.


What’s the plan for sustainability?


The YMCA of Saginaw’s goal beyond the initial phase of the initiative is to sustain the growth and impact of our programs and services. In order to do so, the YMCA of Saginaw will rely on success in these key areas: retention of participants, assessing program fees, securing future grants, and aligning with participant payer networks.